Style your jeans with Tailored jeans.

| Verna Bradford | ,

Who’s don’t like good jeans pair? They are sleek, comfortable and flexible, making them one of the most basic items in every house. Denim is perfect for any season too and you will always be trendy when you rock a pair with all the various denim styles available.

When it’s warmer, forward-thinking thinkers hop out of their wardrobes and build casual, but trendy clothes they haven’t been wearing since last year. It’s no cool thing that you do all the things that fit your body in your favorite pair of jeans, but after a year, what do you do to make them look so good? If you are looking for some fashion inspiration for winter months to style your jeans, don’t look anymore. Here is a guide on how to use the latest trends and put outfits in your closet with all your favorite jeans.

The color combos:

Monochromatic colors, but the patterns in this season call for bold and brave choices, why not add some noisy colors to your outfit? The fashionable choice of colors in winter includes orange, red, blue, brown and beiges, so take those if you go shopping for some items or look for your favorite old garments in your wardrobe. And if you make a base for your outfit from a white jean, you can make it with a colorful head, scarves, shoes or coat to make your outfit pop. White is also popular this winter.


Oversized jumpers: 

Big knits are on the move again (when aren’t they?) and they’re so easy. Take your favorite skinny jeans with a sumptuous, over-dimensional jumper, and make your boxy, cozy look comfortable without getting lost in the silhouette. Chunky knit jumpers and jeans are a sky match, so if that is the look you prefer you won’t be able to really go wrong. Add a pair of boots and an ultra-comfortable feel to a beanie.


Tall boots:

Knee-high or high boots often look great paired with a pair of skinny jeans, which can be the decisive factor between a routing ensemble and a plain Jane. If you like ripened jeans but are afraid of wearing them when temperatures fall, tall boots will keep your legs warm when your favorite styles are still stirring.

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