Jeans pockets are added on decor or accessories and of course they are used as utility by almost everyone. Ever thought? How many types of designs or types of pocket are usually there?

Flap Pocket: They Can be very fawning on a woman with a small rear

Multi-pocket: They are used in carpenter/cargo styles. As name states, multi pocket can be used for multi purpose

4-pocket: This is the most common type of pockets in any jeans.

Front Patch Pocket: They are joined to the exterior of the pants

Fashion Pocket: They are mostly alluring, embellished and decorated.

5-pocket or coin pocket: This is mostly to enhance the beauty of jeans, but you can definitely read more about the interesting history of coin pockets.

Rear Patch Pocket: Likewise front patch pocket they are attached to exterior of pants

Seamed Pocket: Pocket in inside pants, opening finished with a seam.

Utility Pocket:They are the same as multi pockets.

There are numerous types of pockets on jeans, it might happen most of the times we like jeans but we are confused due to external pockets, rivets and zippers and sometimes we wish we could get such jeans with those accessories!!. You can get exactly what you desire and choice in your jeans. You can eliminate or add as per your comfort, size, style and preference with Tailored jeans.