Why guy should choose skinny jeans?

| Verna Bradford |

I decided to do one for the men after the great response to the bootcut jeans article, and I think it’s quite controversial. I am a strong believer that only skinny jeans should be worn by people. I’ve got multiple reasons for that, so I thought I’d make it a blog post.

Skinny men’s jeans are the best fit for me. I don’t say they’re going to have to be super skin tight like a legging, but somewhere between a very slim straight line and a tailored skinny is the safest. Much like women’s jeans and how the men’s denim trends follow them over time, bootcut and flared jeans are just not a thing for men anymore, which I am happy about. I have never thought that bootcut jeans look nice at all for men because I think that they have a peculiar silhouette that doesn’t suit the male body.

One reason skinny men’s jeans look better is that you see the outline of the thighs, which is very flattering. Whenever a guy is in baggy jeans, there’s nothing chic or elegant about it, it looks messy and untidy. Loose and ill-fitting jeans cover the body at all times and do not flatter the form of the male body. Just as women wearing skinny jeans show off their figure, it does just the same for men and makes them look proportionate.

Skinny jeans on men leave room to show off your footwear choice as well, so if you have some great sneakers, boots, loafers, driving shoes, etc, your skinny jeans will show these off perfectly! There’s no bulky denim fabric covering them up, staining them blue, getting wet in puddles, etc and ruining the shoes. It’s just a smarter choice all round.

I’m hoping that men’s skinny jeans will never go out of fashion and remain a permanent thing. I know that women have it, and it should be the same for guys. I think it’s one of the best denim trends there is because it’s so flattering, stylish, and even considered sexy actually when there’s a great fitting pair of jeans because of how much they show off the male frame. The pictures of male fashion bloggers that I included here really show how good they look like they can be paired with anything, as you can see.

There are some exceptions if you’re an older / mature guy, maybe skinny jeans aren’t for you, but instead, my advice is to choose a slim fit, don’t choose anything baggy. Getting a good matching pair of jeans is much smarter. If you’re a bigger guy, and skinny jeans make you feel awkward, that’s cool, my suggestion is a straight/slim fit, worn up a size. You still have that slimmer leg this way, but it’s not too skin-fitting. If you use them for their original work and hard work intent, a loose fit is perfect, but I don’t think anything but a skinny/slim fit is ok these days for style purposes. Throughout the way guys are slim!

To some extent, I think the slimmer the better, and I know that many of you people are wearing women’s skinny jeans to get a better fit. Sometimes men’s jeans can be bulky and heavy, while women’s jeans are stretchy and lightweight, making them a great choice for men. I like fashion’s limits being tested a lot these days! Let me know what you’re thinking!


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