Denim hits high on our daily life and one of the must-have in your closet, but the airtight look that skinny jeans holds on our closet is slowly beginning to wane.

After what feels like forever, the era of the those skin tight jean is finally on its way out. But, what comes next?

As the fashion world craves something totally different, people have been experimenting with everything – from straight to boyfriend and vintage-inspired mom styles, and no wonder the wide leg jeans are also in the race.

levis high rise wide leg custom tailored jeans
High Rise Custom Made, Wide Leg Tailored Jeans

Since 1970s denim has became everybody’s favorite, the industry has wised up to the new practicality of jeans that skim the body.

Unlike the rigid, curvy and body hugging variations, some time it feels these aren’t meant to be worn skintight. Instead, they come tailored, lightweight and, believe it or not, are actually super comfortable to wear, and also it is so amazing in looks the one can never get their eyes off it for moment.

women's Custom made jeans online
Custom Made Jeans from Tailored Jeans – With Wide-leg Style and Whiskers

Of course, after an era of wearing skinny jeans, the idea of wearing a pair of wide-leg jeans can feel, well, odd. Especially for the vertically challenged among us.

So, how should you wear them (Wideleg Jeans)?

The best thing about wide-leg jeans is that they work with almost everything in your wardrobe and make for the ultimate backbone of many a stylish outfit. and goes well with any upeer wear, and also these can be tailored in overalls too.

High-waisted styles will help to enhance your form even more and, while they look great worn with stark white trainers, wearing a super-wide pant with a flat isn’t always the most flattering option.

High Ankle Tailor made custom jeans
Tailored High Ankle Jeans

Instead, we suggest opting for a cropped style and pairing them with heels; block by day and strappy stilettos by night.

The general rule is to play it safe by wearing something tight-fitting up top, but don’t be afraid to experiment with volume. An oversized jumper or longline T-shirt will instantly give off a truly modern look.

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