You’re never too old to slay in jeans.

| Verna Bradford | ,

“After retiring, I was a little bored with nothing to do and got fat. I thought, if a 60-year-old metabolic fat man, after five years, can get to Mount Everest, that would be very exciting”.  Yuichiro Miura


Being chubby is not bad but not working on it could be worst. Your dressing cant reduces the weight but can reduce the stress of looking fat. There are a few tips that I got for you. While dressing you have to consider the four things in your mind and those 4 things are  FIT FABRIC STYLE and COLOR. You should choose a suitable fit as per your body type.

And while choosing the fabric you should take care of the one thing that the time for the whole day you are wearing it or on halfway you gonna change it [If you’ll choose slim fit jeans so that fabric will irritate you. And may hurt your knees.] when it comes to the style never forget to stay updated about the trends. And don’t forget to check my blogs on style spy section. 

Ballpark look: 

While wearing slim fit jeans choose a color wisely. Go with the grey color tr some ballpark look. With the grey denim choose a blue t-shirt with a light blue oxford shirt on it. Especially in the summer choose a navy darker colored t-shirt cause it will help you to hide the problem areas. Don’t forget to wear some accessories cap watch and glasses and try to wear some slimmer cut of the jeans and the will help you to look slimmer. I got some slim guide for you that will help you to choose your denim. 


For the casual; day look add up some layering cause layering will always help you to look slimmer. Go with the dark-colored slim fit denim jeans with the shirt and jacket on it. While choosing the shoes, select the shoes which match or have close color to your denim. And this type of look will also a workplace friendly look. 


The thinner stripes on your jacket or shirt will make you look slimmer. So while choosing a dressy casual wear shirt or jackets with a shirt. Wear dark-colored slim fit jeans with a white shirt and grey colored sweat-shirt on it. If you wanted to add layering on your shirt so go with some jackets. While wearing this outfit choose a darker color of the shoes which goes with your jeans. 


Always remember the one thing that black color is your best friend. Try raw blue slim-fit jeans with a white shirt and some black jacket on it. And wear this outfit with the best accessory and it’s your confidence. 

What to wear on a night out:

The pub:

Go casual in a bomber jacket, turned up jeans, a plain tee, and your favorite trainers. 

Date night: 

Pair an edgy leather jacket with a waffle knit and boots. Choose between skinny fit chinos and slim fit jeans.


For the sporty look, you can go with the black sweatpants. And wear half chain sweater on it and try to go with some polo shoes. While choosing the sweat pants to go with some comfy but not too loose pants. 

So this was the five looks for our chubby friends try them out once and I bet that these looks will not disappoint you and check out our other blogs. Stay connected till next time TAKE CARE.

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