Which jeans you should wear to get a perfect shape?

| Verna Bradford | ,

It’s time to upgrade to a stronger pair of your pants offer you a muffin top. Today, in the era of high-tech denim building and fresh developments in stretch denim and shapewear, in particular, it is completely sensible to expect body slimming advantages along with style from your clothes.

Some denim brands have specifically concentrated on the requirements of females seeking tummy control in their clothing, providing jeans that promise to diminish a potbelly dramatically and falsify the look of flat abs. Here we have rounded up the best jeans for tummy control that you can wear to increase your trust when you wear denim. 

Wear Spanx jeans:


Women all over the globe enjoy the Spanx brand for their capacity in their garments to smooth their silhouettes and make them look slimmer and even lower. While Spanx originally began as a maker of body-shaping undergarments, today the brand offers other clothing options that feature the same body-slimming benefits, including a fashionable jeans collection that is updated seasonally with trendy new styles

With concealed shaping technology that is built right into the denim, Spanx Jeans addresses tummy issues. But Spanx’s real secret, of course, is in the stretch. For example, the Spanx cropped skinny jean style pictured here features a whopping 28% elastane for maximum tummy control and body contouring benefits, while their other available style, fashionable boyfriend jeans designed for a slouchier fit, has 3% elastane still high on the stretch denim blends scale. 

Miraclebody Denim:

The Miraclebody clothing line was developed by Miraclesuit manufacturers, a leading body-forming swimwear brand. Miraclebody Denim is made of lightweight, premium stretch denim fabric that is easy to wear and will not add bulk.

Every couple of Miraclebody jeans which is sewn into a cleverly concealed, tummy-flattening panel. This is intended to suck a weaker stomach in and flatten it, creating a smooth, slimming impact throughout the midsection. Also, Miraclebody jeans are cut at the waistband in a slightly greater mid-rise fit to eliminate gapping problems in the muffin top and back.

Old Navy jeans:

Fashion retailer Old Navy offers a variety of plus size suits and washes to the plus-size market with a broad range of stylish jeans. The Old Navy Smooth and Slimline is an excellent, inexpensive choice for females in addition to size who want to produce a flat stomach look.

These jeans feature an inside lining concealed, soft, stretchy intended to flatten a tummy. The fit is powerful enough to hold in a product pooch, but stretchy so that when sitting and bending you can breathe. There are presently two styles of the Smooth and Slim, a skinny jean and a bootcut fit, plus sizes 16 to 30. You can choose between a mid-rise fit or a trendy high-rise style with the waistband sitting just below the belly button. The darker washes give a smooth look that is advanced enough to wear to the job. This jean style arrives for about $50 in a slimming dark wash rinse with top-stitching contrast and retails. Shop the Old Navy Smooth and Slimline.

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