6 women customized denim styles for the second half of 2019.

We are already halfway of 2019 and in July while planning your weekends with cheeses and sprinkles don’t forget jeans and whiskers. In the summer with 88% of humidity, I’ll tell you how to be a sizzling lady in the town. There are 6 denim styles for the women for another half and obviously the last phase of 2019.

What kind of denims to be wore in 2019

Some of you are still wandering around the street wondering what to wear tomorrow. There are countless styles for the women and I bet that some of them you’ve never tried. It doesn’t matter that you have a wrinkle cause when you know how to stay in the style you can beat a girl who’s 20 with the dimples.so, take a look at some denim which can go with your smile. 

High waist slim fit

when you are planning to wear the slim fit denim choose the try to sum up things and select the best customized slim fit jeans. While customization selects the high waist. Cause when you are wearing that denim from July to August, for the upper wear choose some cozy shirts by tucking it in your jeans. 

  1.  High waist jean starts from your navel. Basically, in customized denim, there are 2 fly types button fly and the chain fly but while choosing high waist I prefer the button fly cause it comes with the 5 button method which is really effortless for do and undo of those buttons. 
  2. While selecting the designs for the high waist I would suggest you choose some whiskers on denim cause are the combination like a burger with coke.     


Mom jean attire (mom’s jeans fit)

“Mom jean attire” is something new while listening but its 90s fashion. While customizing your mom jeans give your specifications to the manufacturer and  pick the relaxed fit. Cause it makes you feel easeful while wearing. Summer or winter there is no specific season for this one. 

    1. With the light-colored mom fit jean, you can choose some kind of simple plain t-shirt [white, black or any plain colored tee.] 
    2. Try something new while customizing the mom fit make it a bit ripped from knee and thighs. Cause its kind of eyes catchy. 
    3. There are three types of rolls you can do while the mom jean outfit 1st one is the normal roll-ups and the other one the make 3 rolls from side ankles.  



Straight fit denim jeans

Straight fit denim gives a kind of ease feeling. While customizing straight fit jeans choose detail coin pocket. It looks kinda cool. Choose Concelled back pocked for more detailing on your denim. 


  1. Make it plain no whiskers but make it ripped from the knees so when you wear it with sneakers so it will look cool.


Boyfriend denim jeans

Boyfriend jeans are cool for everyone cause boyfriend jeans are eat-to-go with everything but few things you should consider while customizing the denim. they are softer, more supple, and all-around more comfortable to wear than traditional denim jeans. Boyfriend jeans also tend to be more relaxed in the leg and thighs than traditional denim jeans.

  1.  Basically, this one is the gets higher towards the side waist and lower towards the navel. Choose the fabric with a darker shade outside and lighter hade inside. 


Boot cuts

boot cuts jeans are one of from that kind of jeans that never goes out of trend. While choosing boot cut for customizing see that is it properly getting wider towards the ankle side. 

  1. With the boot cut jeans, you can wear the basic white/cream full sleeves buttoned shirt.  
  2. For footwear, You may go with pencil hills or skittos.
  3. While customizing Choose a fabric with the darker shade which goes with every color.
  4. Choose button fly and high white.



Skinny plain jeans

While choosing the skinny denim to keep one thing in your mind you should go with 3% of lycra for the stretch so it won’t give you baggy knees or something. 


  1. With skinny jeans wear a color like grey.
  2. Go with some boots. and try zipper for the side ankle.


So, this one was about how to stay in style. Age doesn’t define the beauty person defines it.  For more stay connected. Visit us.

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