All about lion ripped jeans!

| Patrick Peterson |

There are an end number of designs and exceptional styles and patterns. Ripped jeans enjoy an upper hand in today’s period. Today we will talk about not torn, ripped but lion ripped jeans!. This may sound weird to most of you and related to this with the king of the jungle. Your assumption is in the right direction. This jeans is connected and named after a lion. Apology to interrupt, but no lions are killed or animals harmed in the making of these jeans. Let us really know what lion ripped jeans!.

In 2015, the group “the Mineko Club” created the special “Zoo Jeans” to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund and the local Kamine Zoo in Hitachi City, Japan. They raised a minimum $3500 after selling three pairs of denim jeans, that were gnawed and clawed by lions and tigers.

Members and volunteers wrapped denim fabric around tires and rubber balls and threw them into separate animal fences for lions, tigers and bears. The animals went wild and the resulting damaged denim was used to create four pairs of jeans — two were “designed by lions,” one by tigers and one by bears!! The ripped jeans were made entirely on animal intuitions and technique, no human intervention was involved.

The jeans were also sold on Yahoo’s Japanese auction site with a pair of lion-distressed denim selling for $1500! The Mineko Club, which has been around for over a decade, is dedicated to raising money and supporting the Kamine Zoo through holding events and selling zoo-related products.

The Mineko Club has had its presence since a decade and committed to raising money and sustaining the Kamine Zoo through holding events and selling zoo-related products!.

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