How to wash a regular [pre-washed] jeans? how to take care of jeans?

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Who thought washing jeans and taking care of the jeans could be that complicated? But there are many ideas and hacks to wash jeans properly. You should know how to take care of your favourite jeans.Coz, People asks any questions about taking care of prewashed jeans coz, for raw jeans maybe they know a bit on how to wash it but when it comes to the prewashed jeans then, we have to be careful about the color fading and the natural fades which come on your jeans with the time. Don’t let the wash destroy the shades.  Some say that I’ve dropped it in the machine for a wash. And when it came out after the wash the colour was fading away and not good anymore.

Things to keep in mind:

Don’t go for the dry cleaning:

I will never recommend dry cleaning. It kills the bacteria but it kills the life of your jeans too. So if you go for the dry-cleaning process at that time the jeans lose their colour too. Use a low heat setting or air dry by hanging or laying flat if you want to avoid shrinking or stop fading. Because air drying is not an optimal choice for every wash particularly those who are washing at a laundromat like our Letter Writer many individuals choose to dry their more costly jeans to assist the colour.  


Well, this kinda method could be awkward for you. For this one, I would suggest that when you are wearing your jeans for a long time. You should take your jeans and put them in the freezer. You could use this method only at that time when your jeans don’t have any stain on it and it doesn’t stink. If it’s stinky so you have to wash them. 


Hand-wash in the tub:

So it’s stinky and has a stain on it so at that time you should wash it. So, for the was we are following the method which means you should go for the handwash. So fill a bathtub with the cold water throw your jeans in the tub now let it sink in it. And for the fragrance, you can use the Lite detergent.  And use detergent only for the dark-coloured jeans. 

Hang dry: 

Now take your jeans out from the bathtub and hand it on the rack or window. And left it there only till it dries. Don’t just throw them, if there are the wrinkles on it then straight up those parts. Straight up the cuffs too. 

Wrap up:

After its dry, it’s ready to wear. Don’t wash it more often. Just remove the stain and follow the method just once in the month is enough.

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