| Verna Bradford |

The term sandblasting is weird and if heard for the very first time will think in several aspects. No need to be in confusion, this blog will assist you to understand about sandblasting jeans. Sandblasting is the process of scrubbing off the garment by blowing high speed air mixed with very fine particles of sand. The fabric quality is important and on some fabrics sand blasting is not successful due to specifications of fabric. This is a very flourishing concept and most widely used to process fashion articles.


In sandblasting of jeans the surface area of the jeans is blasted, white cotton appears beneath the blasted area and the effect appears very similar to the worn out jeans. It provides very distinguished results which cannot be done with other alternatives. Its strength is the merging effect that is blended with such charm that it has no difference with natural effect!. The particular areas for sand blasting are front thigh, back seat, back panel near bottom or front panel around knee. Just a reminder for the people inculcated in sandblasting work, high pressure of air produces a powerful backward thrust to the operator so it is always advised to fix the gun in appropriate stands rather than placing it on shoulders or using it with bare hands.


This process is cut off  mostly in today’s time due to health and environmental hazards. The process is very noisy and leaves a large amount of dust in the air!. This is very much involved with environmental pollution controlling departments so in many cases it is not allowed in most of the areas.

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