The best jeans for coming days.

In case you haven’t noticed, here we’re a bit obsessed with denim. I kind of think that you are, too, however, because you always devour our stories about fashion patterns, everyone’s going to throw out their skinny jeans and the best-selling jeans that are guaranteed to give you attention.

So I think it’s safe to say that you’re about to become a loyal follower of our latest series, where we’re dining on all the new jean styles that were launched this month.

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We’ve reached out to a few of our favorite denim labels to find out what they’ve been up to in the past month and what models they’re really pumped about. Find this your route to the freshest silhouettes, washes, and innovation that’s going on in the denim sector. Including vintage-inspired fits to the’ 90s jean short phenomenon, you’re about to see a lot more this summer, below you’ll find the best recently launched denim types.

The straight leg: 

Right now, the trend is all about straight-leg denim, but most of the bodies don’t have a vintage look and a stiff feel— hence why we launched Good Vintage! For this latest model, our designers have taken a fresh look at the iconic high-rise, straight line, creating a new sexy denim style that fits your hips and butt in all the right spots, flattens your tummy, and doesn’t gap. 

The slim one:

As our solution to the craze of rigidity. We’ve taken our time with development to make sure it’s perfect  because we’re known for thin, this style is[ a kind of] uncharted territory. Everyone from the supermodel Elsa Hosk to the author Lucy Williams to the actress Freida Pinto has embraced the spring theme. Through bright and dark indigos and solid white and black that won’t fade, this is the new core jean that every closet wants.

High rise skinny:

The outline of the season. High-rise with an exposed button fly, the Lillie is offered in our best-selling new Photo Ready HD fabric to ensure the most flattering after-wear silhouette.

Relaxed one:

Some of our strongest fits are relaxed silhouettes. We took our most coveted fit, Parker Vintage Cut Off Short, and introduced a pant version called Parker Straight Jean, which is worn as a truly relaxed cigarette.

Baggy falre jeans:

Inspired by the ‘ 90’s rave jeans blended with a hint of sophistication, our massive jeans make a statement. They are designed to be worn slouched low on the hips, giving them effortless wearability. The loose flare looks gorgeous with a slim ribbed top or a stylish eyelet blouse to suit the profile.

Wrap up:

So these were the jeans which will help you to stay in style in your coming days.

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