Top 5 jeans trends of the year.

Hello people, 2019 is about to end, but our jeans trends will never go off. Are you curious as me, to know about which jeans were on trending list for this year???? So if we talk about jeans then there are a whole lot of styles, fits, ranges and various fits.

Its really difficult to choose one as the best style which has ruled the entire market during this year. We’ve been through the normal people to the celebrity checkouts and we’ve found some best jeans which is truly loved by them. Which is not only based on design but also the comfort the colors and easy to go feel. 

Our style expert has seen that the low rise is on the rise again. And the other trends made them feel like the 90’s trends had make a comeback. Whether you want to update your look or just want some new jeans, our style spy got a ton of great options to consider. 

Straight fit: 

With the exception of more breathing room, straight cut or straight leg jeans are similar to skinny jeans. The hem’s width is directly from the hip to the ankle, giving them a comfortable fit that can be worn with heels, flats or sneakers.

  • Benefits of boot cut: if you really want to show  the expensive pair of your shoes then the straight leg is really better than any other jeans.
  • On the same note, because in or not straight-leg jeans you can tuck your pant legs provides more flexibility than boot-cut models. Pumps, sandals and ballet flats can also fit with straight-leg models that are not tucked away and look just as trendy. With flowy tops or fitted ones, straight leg works well, so you also have versatility.
  • According to the manufacturer, these blue sky straight cut jeans are a more relaxed fit that is designed for the perfect rear fit.

Black pinstripe jeans:

Pinstripe pants are a versatile addition to your wardrobe because they come in a variety of styles. Plus their subtle vertical stripes help stretch your frame, making them flattering for a variety of types of body. While some tops create a classic combination, you can take your pants from day to night with a variety of cute options. 

  • Benefits on pinstripe jeans: you don’t have to wait for casual friday to wear it on work-place. 
  • It’s really easy-to-go option with anything. 
  • Its soft but gives a bold girly statement. 

Boot-cut jeans: 

These jeans are slim with the opening of a bootcut leg through the hip and thigh. The classic medium wash is perfect for wearing throughout the year. Produced by workers who tried to wear their pants more easily on their boots. Modern bootcut jeans make it easier to pop with your outfit on a pair of boots during the cooler months without the denim. They can be worn with chunky, but low-riding shoes during the summer or warmer weather.

  • Benefits of boot-cuts: They give a smoother line to your body.
  • You’re going to appear thinner.
  • Because the boot cut jeans of most women are tight to the knee. It’s going to improve your natural booty.

Slouchy jeans:

A high percentage of cotton, a low rise, and a long zipper are key features of this silhouette. Slung low on the hips, slouch jeans are available in clean and distressed finishes and are usually cut or rolled to a shorter length. Note that “flattering” isn’t necessarily a precise description of this look size double zeroes might make it look cool. 

  • Benefits of slouchy: If you pair them with the right tops and footwear for your shape and height, they can give you the illusion of being long and lean, and the allure of a feminine silhouette.
  • You don’t have to buy them close enough to be too snug around the hips, the bottoms count.

Low-rise jeans: 

If you’re a tall, slender woman looking to add feminine curves, a low-rise jeans can curve your hips and asses while lengthening your torso to balance long legs. They simply refer to the distance from the crotch to the top of the waistband when brands or designers describe the “rise” of jeans. And just as the wrong pants rise can cause unwanted problems like a muffin top or gapping at the back, choosing the right rise will make you look slimmer instantly.

  • Benefits of wearing low rise: It makes you look small and curvy. 
  • It’s also really good for pear body type. 
  • It’s available in countless types. 

Wrap up:

so this one was about the top jeans of this year check your wardrobe if you have any one from these. And if we are forgetting any jeans then let us know.