Women skinny jeans that men had tried.

| Verna Bradford |

It was nearly four years ago when the idea of men wearing women’s skinny jeans was raised on The Jeans Blog. It was (and continues to be) one of the posts we have here most highly commented on. It’s clear that we have a large contingent of males in our reader base wearing skinny female jeans, so this article is for them and those on the fence about trying female jeans.

The taboo of men wearing skinny women’s jeans is overblown in my opinion. Verily, when people see you on the highway, they see you wearing skinny jeans, not wearing women’s jeans. As such, do they feel comfortable wearing skinny jeans is the real question for men? It seems that the answer is yes.

In that case, it comes down to what denim brand and style gives you the fit and look that you want for your body. There are some tells such as rear pocket size and position, inseam length, pocket embroidery, and fly length that avid readers of this blog may pick up as characteristic of women’s jeans, but are largely unaware of the general public.

I don’t know about you, but I hate to keep pulling up my jeans continuously to keep them in place. Innovations in male-style female jeans are in soft stretchy fabrics, generally characterized by a low percentage of cotton fiber such as Paige’s Transcend material and the Jean’s use of a higher rise. In addition to being incredibly comfortable, the newer fabrics do not stretch out yet have a flexibility that minimizes bunching along the leg. When going to a slightly higher height, the jeans are sitting on top of your hip bone, helping to hold them in place.


I found that usually two sizes down from the size of your male waist fit. So if your waist size is 30′′ for women’s jeans, size down to 28′′. If you want them to be super skinny and you love the very stretchy fabric, you can size up to 3 sizes depending on the brand, but it varies depending on what jeans you try.

I categorize “extreme skinny” as basically almost but not quite as skinny as leggings. You are slim along the thighs and calves, but they have enough opening legs to go over the ankle retaining jeans presence. The types above work from my experience. With a bit of slouch, they are all of a higher rise and give me a perfect skinny look. These all have a 30′′ inseam with an appropriate leg opening to cover my calves, rest on my feet, and prevent the look of leggings. We all have a decent fly length but have a pocket depth that is minimally useful.

I’d rate the Paige Hoxton’s at the top of the list as they don’t show any of the typical women’s jeans says. The Hudson Barbara’s may have fake front pockets, depending on the wash. I typically stay away from the fake front pockets, but if covered with a longer jacket, they can be worn. The J-Brand Maria’s have slightly small back pockets that can be seen. If the pocket size is a problem, I would recommend wearing a longer sweater or jacket with them. The AG Farrah’s have embroidered back pockets, but as they are the same embroidery that AG uses on the jeans of their guys, I gave them a pass.

There is a slightly higher rise and longer inseam in the “tall lean” category, which works best for some of us taller men. The jean I would recommend is above. It should be noted that all the washes I’ve used in this category used about 90 percent of the cotton material which I like because it retains the typical denim feeling.

To date, I still have to witness awkward stretch-out with properly fitted jeans. The key items making a difference are:

  • Both the Margot and Carlie have a longer flying length.
  • The Carlie has the deepest usable front pockets I’ve seen in the jeans of women.
  • With multiple inseams (28.5′′, 30.5′′, and 32.5′′), some High Riser washes are offered.

For all our new readers, this great blog post has been re-published. There are plenty of new people here who need help with men’s skinny women’s jeans, so hopefully everyone will enjoy this blog post again and you can also join the discussion about the comments. Please let us know what your favorite female jeans are in style, which are lightweight and unisex.

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