How to look stunning with bell bottoms and flare jeans.

“On my own I generally have very messy hair, wear jeans and sneakers.” 

Girls out there so crazy over skinny jeans so they forgot that how this bell bottom  had captured the market during the 70’s. They never got the feel of wearing bell bottoms. Bell bottom pants, known to be the fashion of our mothers and grannies, have been prevented by youngsters. But now the thing which these youngsters were avoiding, by thinking that it’s an old fashioned. It’s back in trend. So why don’t you pull out those ancient bell bottom pants and wear them with a bang again!

If you are going out for rock n roll, partying, and outings. So, the flare and bell bottom jeans are going to be the best option for’em. I’m going to show you a few trendy dresses to wear with bell bottom pants that will give you a chic and classy look. Flare pants can be styled with any kind of party or night-out shirt, or college shirts. In spite of their size and height, Bell Bottoms can be adapted to any girl.

  • Leather jacket and flare jeans:

  • You should go out with some flare jeans and leather jeans, which can give you the cowgirl type look. A leather jacket comes in different colors, brown and the black. And wear a scarf to add more stunning look.  
  • Tucked in t-shirt & flare:

  • If you are short or average height person then you should be wearing a tucked in t-shirt with the flare jeans cause it gives you an adorable look. Somehow it’s simple but really cute.  
  • Hot chick look: 

  • We talked about the cute look some cowgirl look. Let’s talk about some hot chick look. You can also try out the look of the hot chick. For that you need the crop top and flare jeans. This kinda clothing adds some glam to your look.
  • Tucked in shirt and flare jeans:

  • You should try this look for your working hours to grab the attention of people in your office. Wear a buttoned shirt and wear a flare jeans on it and tuck the shirt into it. 
  • Checkered shirt and flare jeans:

  • For more formal look you could try a Checkered shirt with dark blue jeans. Add on some accessories. Accessories could add more glam to your look.


These were some outfits that you could try on this season. And back to trend with the flare jeans give a i\little break to your skinny jeans.

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