How to Style Girlfriend Jeans.

Denim is the most prominent attire today. The reason for its popularity is that it suits every occasion and can blend with any of your wear. In every Women’s wardrobe, there’s always one accessory that we can simply resist: a classic pair of jeans. Whether you are going to a party or a casual day, Jeans suits every moment. We all have heard about skinny, ripped and Boyfriend jeans – but what about girlfriend jeans? Girlfriend jeans are just as spacious as the boyfriend jeans you have, but they offer a much voguish design. Girlfriend jeans are higher waisted, with a slim leg to maintain their shape. So the most important concern is how you should wear them. So, don’t take stress as we have certain styling ideas for Girlfriend jeans which will give your dressing a chic look.

Blend of Jeans with Plain top and Heels.

The plain top can create the best mixture with Girlfriend jeans as they will outcome a stunning outfit. Girlfriend jeans generally have a leg which is cropped, scuffled and turned up so you can show a bit of ankle. The higher rise waist will go with the shorter leg thereby elongating your legs. Make sure you wear some kind of heels as these jeans can make your legs look a little chunky with flats. This outfit will provide you a standout in the crowd.

Casual or Smart

The Prominent thing about girlfriend jeans is that their ripped look will be perfect for a casual day out or untouched plain denim look for an evening out. If you’re going for rips make sure you keep them to your knees, mid-thigh or mid-calf to avoid the ‘I haven’t bought a new pair of jeans in years‘ look. But don’t pick this style if you are too chubby as it will turn out to be a malfunction in your wardrobe.

Blend Tube top and long Shirt

Girlfriend jeans can give you many looks whether it is casual or Chic. Just blend with the clothes of matching shades and a stunning is ready for you. To get ideal usual apparel for an outing just pick a Tube top with Girlfriend jeans and Add another layer of open button long shirt. This will give you a perfect outing look. High heels sandals are perfect to go with this mixture.

Sheer Top for Your Girlfriend jeans

Sheer tops are best for Summer weather as they are made of thin fabric. When it comes to Styling your Girlfriend jeans you can mix it with the sheer top which will give you a classy attire. You can simply add accessories like Tote or Handbag to get more out of it.  Always focus on the shades of your clothes otherwise it will shatter your dressing. You can pick any footwear with this outfit but the suitable gear is Belly shoes with heels.

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