How to take care of RAW denim? How to wash raw denim?

Raw denim is not washed (one of the last steps in jeans production), if you have  raw denim so this blog is for you. and if you don’t have then please buy one. after buying a raw denim you’ll really feel that it’s worth buying. cause if you’ll take care of it properly it will lasts for years.Which means that the dye is still its initial shape. it’s up to you to break the clothes the way you want them; we’re speaking about the fade, markings, and creases every detail is customized to 100 per cent.

It will shrink as the raw denim is unwashed. But there is a method called “sanforization,” which is applied by some manufacturers to decrease shrinking. After the fabric leaves the loom, it is fed by a sanforizing machine using a series of rollers, heat, and moisture to stretch, shrink and support the denim. The sanforized denim is known as the pre-shrunk denim for this purpose.  are going to extend more than they are going to decrease.

Only in duration they never decrease in width. They will shrink after a wash though, but after a few hours of wear they will stretch out. Whether you’ve purchased a couple up (shrink to fit jeans), lost some weight, or tightened your jeans with wear, you might want to look at shrinking jeans. You ask, are jeans shrinking quickly? Yes, they are doing it. Shrinking denim is as simple as withdrawing money from your bank balance or t-shirt’ only hand-wash. Let’s see.

It can be accomplished by applying warm water to shrink your jeans all over. Water heat leads the denim fibres to contract, thus reducing the jeans. There are a couple of ways to shrink.

Washer and dryer:

Put your jeans in the washing machine at the hot possible temperature and at a high cycle. Use detergent and fabric softener, as usual, they will not reduce shrinkage. Once washed, pop your jeans in the tumble dryer at the warmest temperature until you dry.

Boiling your jeans:

Now fill a large pot with the water and bring to a rolling boil to the hob. Turn your jeans inside out and submerge until it is covered with water. Leave t and keep boiling it till 30 minutes while our jeans shrink. Now put them in the dryer at hottest temperature until they dry.  

Hot bath:

Fill the bathtub with the hot water which you can tolerate to sit in. Put your jeans on and button up. Now stay in the tub until the water gets cool. Stand up and allow yourself to drip-dry, then get out of the bath and dry off.


leave it for the hang dry after the wash dont use a dryer or any thing hang it near the window.

Wrap Up:

so this blog was all about on how to take care of the raw denim and how to wash it for the first time. so if you have a raw denim or about to buy one so this one will help you.

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