How to wear denim at work.

Yeah! You are reading I right you can wear denim at the office. Hold on! Before, wearing it you gotta make it work for you. Cuz, your office culture is another thing. And you gotta look professional and to stay polished all the time. Denim will tick all boxes and allow you to illustrate your relaxed and innovative side at work as well.

Although most businesses have discarded stuffy office clothing codes, adequate work wardrobe is still required and appreciated. Your presence in the office is critical because it is your image’s most visible part. It matters because each look tells a story. What you wear.

We gotta make it  Modern, comfortable, young, casual and open-minded cool. Allow a complex appeal from time to time, without the professional identity compromising. I support you wear your faithful denim throughout the week in this guest blog.


Consider the cut:

Choose a cut that looks like traditional pants or more formal pants. Keep away from too specific or too clever styles and reduce the stitching and embellishment. Carefully approach skinny jeans as they may be too sexy to work in. Think about your most preppy 7/8 Chinese length for a casual chic look and substitute it with the same denim style. Right now there are many cropped designs. Consider whether it suits the office culture to bar your ankles. The best denim cuts for your office are smooth, boot cut and slightly lean.

Walk with perfect wash:

A typical medium blue to dark indigo washes without distress. In a work environment, even black or dark gray denim fit really well. Bright white jeans can even in winter be a winning work look. Beware of infamous color bleeding move denim dye. You don’t want to be remembered for ruining the new couch of your bosses! In many different body shapes too denim fabric fits. Unwelcome cleaning areas, such as knees, often have significantly lighter patches. This is the last place I want to concentrate on. The best thing for the weekends and out are distressed, ribbed and embellished jeans. It’s not polished enough for the workplace if you wear it to the pub.


Rise with rise:

Choose your height should be high enough so that you can sit without too much exposure. Higher rises tend to be more professional, but that depends very much on the particular shape. Look for the increase which will keep your subject in tucked in well if you want to tuck in your shirt or blouse. It’s so boring to sit hidden all day long. The same principle of tucking, not getting a muffin-top!You will probably sit a great deal at work, so see if you sit down and feel relaxed. Smooth or elastic tapestry helps you feel well throughout the day, even on long journeys or on business trips. 


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