| Patrick Peterson |

Every apparel we buy, its durability depends on the quality of the outfit and secondly the way we maintain and handle it. The clothe’s life isn’t only in your wardrobe, but also the way we wear and carry ourselves. The cloth is the second skin of our body and if not taken care of, the attire life is decreased drastically. Here we will consider the instance of jeans which is worn by almost every second person in the world.

As we all know, buying the right outfits is one of the investments. Sometimes, the hole in your pocket can be deep, hence it is mandatory to take care of your apparels.

The following are ways to enhance the durability of your jeans:
1. New jeans- The first month is very crucial for your jeans durability. The washing should be avoided, if you feel your jeans have not reached the maximum comfort which you want. You should wear it delicately. Reverse to this, if you feel to make it more skinny, you can definitely wash them to make them shrink.

2. Use of jeans- Most of us buy jeans for various reasons. It can be for regular wear, occasional wear, office wear or for rough use. Anyways once you have bought it, cleaning and washing is the most significant part in the life of jeans. My opinion here initially is to think about the reason before purchase.

3. Washing: The washing should be gentle with hands or in the washing machine and let them dry in natural sunlight. If you want to just refresh them, just get your jeans wet in the tub for sometime, ring them out and hang them in natural sunlight.

4. Odor- There might be a possibility that your jeans develop an odor after regular wear. This may be due to sweat or happen on its own. In such instances, you just need to wrap them in a plastic bag and keep them in a freezer for sometime!

5. Folding- The new jeans should not be folded, there might be chances it develops new crease lines which will surely age your jeans and look weird. After wash also, the folds must be light and tranquil. The best alternative I recommend is to use hangers if you have ample space in your closet.

6. Avoid belt- The new jeans you bought should not rely on the belt. You should be able to wear your jeans without a belt at least for the first month. There is a probability your jeans can wear out at waist and belt loops.

7. Washing with other outfits- This mistake might land you in trouble. Your dark colour jeans can bleed colour and spoil other clothes. Try to wash it separately at least for the first 3 months.

8. Warm or cold water- Well, cold water is recommended. Since, warm water can loosen up the fibers and shrink the jeans too.

I believe this information is helpful to enhance the life and durability of jeans. You can definitely try to remember and follow these steps and guide your family members and maid too.

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