Do you know what people think about Denims Globally? What do they
usually prefer to wear? What is their taste? Which Brands do they prefer to
wear? All the answers to your questions will be answered in this Post. Stay


As per the latest survey, 82% people told that they generally prefer to wear
Denims on any given occasion.
When asked them about the reason why they prefer Denims over anything,
here are the reasons and Poll Results
83% people told they prefer denims because of its Comfort.
62% people prefer because of its Economic pricing.
79% people like the versatility it offers.
Here is the statics of the Poll. (Courtesy-




Jeans continues to show growth in sales as per recent Trends. As per the recent trends of casual attire at workplace has given an immense boost in the retail market of Denims. Professionals prefer Denim wear nowadays in IT & BPO industries as compared to the formal attire.  Recently, major Software Company in India and Globally “Infosys” has done away with its dress code and keeps it casual for all working days. Other Companies are starting to follow this trend and this populates the Denim in Young as well as Working Professionals.

Competitive Market

Denim has a competitive market over the globe but major Countries which has a great scope are Spain, Japan and India.

Levis Strauss India Pvt. Ltd was the major leader of Denim seller in India and accounted 5% of the overall sale in the year 2014. Apart from the major Brands, many E-Commerce Platforms for Custom Made Jeans has also been successful and demanding. People prefer Unique Designs and Customizations to make them standout and have the best fit for them.