jeans and outfits to try out during sunny days.

It’s fall but we can still sense the sunny day in the heart of the city somewhere. Where you don’t feel like wearing a dress or a skirt (maybe because it’s a tad bit too windy), and you don’t like the shorts either. All you want to put on is your favourite pair of denim pants, but you’re afraid it might be too cold to tell yourself, “How do I wear jeans today?” you don’t have to worry about that cause ‘I’ve got your back.

There are hundreds of unique denim outfit ideas which I want to share with you but today we gonna see about the 5.

As I said, there are plenty of ways, even during the hottest days, to make them work. Only keep in mind a few things when choosing the perfect pair, for example, what top you decide to wear with your jeans, the pants style and cut pick loose jeans over tight skinnies, and the fabric’s weight.


slim-fit jeans and a billowy blouse:

Well, slim-fit jeans are kind of the skin-hugging, if you’re going to wear skinny jeans it could be skin squeezing. And during sunny days, it would be terrific kind of uncomfortable to wear. I would suggest going with a slim fit pair. With a slim fit, you can wear a billowy blouse. Billowy blouse could be the best option because it’s kind of oversized sleeves and it brings a more comfy feel to you.


Cotton on denim:

You can pair up the cotton top with the distressed jeans which will really look amazing. Keep one thing in your mind that the top should be printed. And while choosing jeans to make sure that it’s a straight coz, we’ve seen the slim-fit pair already. Make it like another day another jeans.


Boyfriend jeans and crop top:

Now if you are planning to spend a day on a beach then you got one option and it’s a sleeve and a backless crop top which is patterned. And you can pair’em up with the boyfriend jeans. And it is the most sizzling and a hot option. You could slay if you are wearing it on the beach. And it’s from my hottest option.


Denim flare and t-shirt:

You can try a flare jeans on denim. The reason behind wearing the flare jeans that it’s a super cool and really comfortable than any other jeans. And even with the simple T-shirt, you can choose a printed or a simple t-shirt for this one. And it looks really cool.


Dress and jeans:

How about the dress and the jeans pairing? Search in your wardrobe and try out the striped top with the distressed jeans. While buying distressed jeans you have to keep one thing into your mind and thats it should not be that much distressed. It will look wack.


Wrap up:

So these were the outfits which you can try out on the sunny days and it will really look cool on you. Try them out till next time say jeannnnnssss.

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