Top celebrities and their favourite Jeans.

Here, at tailored jeans, we take care of the denim-like like its a newborn baby and we take care of every edge of the denim and our viewers and the customers are kings to us. So for our beloved king, we bought the new topic and that’s the celebrities and their favourite denim. 


In this topic, we’ve got some new celebrities and their favourite pieces of denim. 

Luka Sabbat: 


Well, Luka Sabbat and his tattoo don’t need any kinda introduction. But above his tattoos, something for which I care about the most and that his jeans collection. Well, most probably Luka loves to wear a classic straight leg. And this classic straight leg has something which I love, and that’s stacking and stacking means the bunch of jeans gets place above your shoe. And that’s known as the stacking. 

John Mayer:

The guy who’ve won many hearts and has a really breathtaking voice. John has really unique choices for the denim he wears the visvim jeans. These jeans have made from the American heritage methods but with the Japanese twists.


Tyler the creator:


A shining star of the hip-hop culture. But this guy loves the dad jeans and it’s not only dad jeans but its a bleached out which adds an effect of vintage styles. And these jeans doesn’t need any kinda handwork to make it look vintage jeans. And tyler wears the very long cause if you’ve ever bottom of his jeans. So, he is really doing ¾ cuff rolls to his jeans. 

Justin Bieber: 


Does this guy need an intro? Before I start talking about his favourite jeans. So, let’s jump to the point, Justine loves to wear the low-rise jeans with the stretch. These kinda jeans are purposely designed to wear on the hips. And a little lower and it doesn’t have a crotch effect.  Nowadays we do that wit the laser means the holes on the knees and above the knee which gives a jean days a ripped effect. 

Kendrick Lamar: 

Well, this guy wears the original old school denim, most of the time I have noticed that he’s the one who wears the real pair of raw denim. A pair of jeans` which is really shaded and long a well stacked and when the thought of expensive jeans arrives I start assuming these jeans.  Raw selvedge denim.

Wrap up:

so this blog was all about the celebrities whom we’ve noticed. These celebrities have their own unique choices over the jean and ways to wear it. Like in this blog weve seen what kinda jeans these people love. And for the next one, we will see how they wear them.

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