6 mistakes that man do while wearing Jeans.

Have you looked at a guy on the street wearing the cool jeans, it looks so perfect om him so you asked him that which kinda jeans is this? you go to the shops and you buy them and it looks crap on you.

Yeah, get the question over here like you both have the same body type now you bought the same pair of jeans still it looks shit on you!!!! Ever wonder why. Well, this thing has different reasons mainly while styling, you are lacking somewhere, which makes that jeans look like crap on you. So let see what kind of mistakes mainly guys make.

Overstacking jeans:

Some people don’t believe in stacking, they don’t even do it. Youve spent 100$ on those sneakers why you dont wanna highlight them?? So, the stacking is not only about highlighting the shoes or sneaker it adds the detailing in your jeans. one cuff roll sometimes two – it depends on the length of your jeans. Some guys do ovestacking which really gives awkward detailing to your jeans. And steal the goodness from your jeans. So keep one thing in your mind and don’t over do it. 


Jeans on Jeans:

Denim on denim is not a bad idea, but it could be if you don’t know how to pair it up with each other. Don’t get me wrong i love a denim jacket but, and i love jeans too, but these both have the same exact wash tand colors it becomes hard to pull off. Don’t ever pair light wash denim in white wash denim. It looks kinda off fashion or off color combination. 


Baggy Jeans:

Baggy jeans make you look shorter, stumpier. So if you have a good pair of jeans but it’s baggy so you can selvedge them and make it a little bit thighs and calf hugging. It gives your legs a shape and details to your looks. 


Too flashy: 

If i talk about flashy jeans then it’s about the jeans which have 4-5 distressed parts on them and 2-3 symbols and anyhow spray painted on them. I personally love distressed jeans but not that much, just 2-3 parts are enough to make your jeans look sexy. If the other symbols and the paints on it it makes things like you are trying too hard for this one and don’t do that choose your jeasn wisely. 


Too tight:

Well people say that the trend of skinny jeans is about to fade away i say no it no! It will stay up more often. People wear sinny jeans. But some of them wear the type of jeans which looks like skin squeezing. And sometimes its that much tight that i can see the veins of the guy who’s wearing it. Don’t wear too skinny jeans. It’s not about fashion only but it is super uncomfortable if you know what i mean. 


Crunchy Jeans:

This happens when the jeans are too big for you. When you sit down it crunches up and folds. Some guys think that if they tie up the belf it will help them to fix that problem. So next time you buy jeans, buy jeans which is one/two  fingers wider than your waist. 


Wrap up: 

i hope you get my point. Next time when you are going to buy a new pair of jeans keep one thing in your mind and that’s a perfect fit.

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