History of an american jeans.

Indigo-Dyed blue jeans have an amazing history with a beautiful country America. The jeans were introduced in America during World War 2. and, now people almost on every occasion wear jeans. Today, one of the first truly American garment remains a booming business, the average American owns not one but 8 pairs of blue jeans.

A total of 450 pairs per year gets to sold in America during the year.  Most of the people wear jeans for the Date nights, sometimes to the offies if the casual Friday is allowed. When jeans ere invented it was made for the miners and the workers. And the main reason behind the durability of those jeans. Lets check-out how jeans passed through the different years till today.

The man behind the Brand: 

In the year of 1853, a bavarian immigrant by the name of Lobe staus earned his United States citizenship and eft his new york-based family business.  And he was trying to relocate to san Francisco. He changed his name to Levi Strauss and set out start his own business in dry goods.  

Happy born day blue Jeans: 

The official “birthday” for blue jeans is on May 20, 1973. This was the day that lvi Strauss and a tailor named Jacob Davis received the patent for their process of reinforcing pants with rivets. According to Levi’s company timeline, the original design has” one back pocket with the arcuate stitching design, a watch pocket. A cinch, suspender buttons and a rivet in the crotch. The rivet on the back pockets is exposed.  

A story that needed to be told:

In 1906, tragedy struck when a massive earthquake hit San Francisco, starting a fire that burned up much of Levi Strauss & Co.’s history, photos, catalogs, and products. So, pointing out the exact history of blue jeans is a bit foolish. What is known is that Strauss, who made a name for himself by selling high-quality dry goods and shoes, met Davis, a tailor who made and sold the workwear of miners in Reno. Davis had purchased Strauss ‘ fabric and reached out to him to combine forces to create the ultimate dress for work using Strauss ‘ denim and Davis ‘ concept of a rivet. The couple made their first workwear with the patent issued in 1873: waist overalls with copper rivets (or waist buttons and pockets), using a combination of brown cotton duck and blue denim.



In 1902, Levi Strauss passed away, and by 1911, Strauss’s nephews, Jacob, Louis, Abraham, and Sigmund Stern owned and operated the business. They stopped making blue jeans out of cotton duck due to customer demand and stuck solely to denim, finding it to be a superior fabric that was solid, durable and more comfortable with each wash— suitable for manual workers in the mines. By 1920, the garments of Levi became so popular that in Frankfurt, Indiana, the company opened a second factory.

Jeans in the 1970s:

In the 1970s, two words sum up jeans: bell bottoms. The bigger the ankle’s light, the better. Over this decade, ripped knees and frays have also started to be stylish, and denim-on-denim has been a new trend. The 1970s also saw the debut of Jean jackets and denim skirts.

The new Millenial:

In the aughts, women began to move away from the hideous — and ridiculous — “mother” jeans and embrace the ultra-low rise, boot cut denim style, while men’s jeans still tended to boot and straight leg cuts. Denim became more stretchy with new technology, which allowed it to be more tailored, and by the late 2000s, the skinny jean caught on big time. Even men started to wear slim or skinny versions. 




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