Jeans and today’s teens-2 [For men.]

If you’re correctly dressed, it’ll contribute to your world frame, and you’ll feel more comfortable. As it is said, the correct sort of clothing helps offer a young person valuable seconds to affect others.

Girls get dressed to impress in college hallway, and now dressing up is a headache for us, as the trend continues to change in a blink of an eye. However, the days are gone when only the girls had to bear the headache of getting dressed. Men are facing the same issue today. They try to find an escape from the regular wears but somehow they get stuck. But today we will discuss some topics and outfit ideas which will make our boys look stud in hallway.

Olive jeans and black t-shirt:

You can try out olive jeans which is really trendy from last 3 months you should try out, an olive jeans or a jegging and please try to pairing it up with the black t-shirt. If you are a muscular guy then probably it is a stunning option for you. And if you are skinny try our the t-shirt with the horizontal strips. Cause it will help your shoulders to look wider.

Business student look:

If you are a business student and if you are reading this blog then I want you to look more noticeable than any other person whos sitting in the room. Wear the turtleneck woolen upper-wear and put on a sport coat. With these 2 wear skinny jeans with the off shade and it will really impressive and set a flame in your look by wearing a specs. And now ask out any girl i bet you wont lose your shot!!!!!

Deadly combination of the cardigan, tie and chinos:

A casual shirt and cardigan on it will be a such a good and sizzling outfit of the day for you when it is a special day or students body meeting. You can pair it up with the chinos or else if you are thinking that you want it to pair up with the jeans then go for some dark shade jeans. Cause it will give a stunning shade to your jeans.

Flannel and the jeans:

Flannel are really good option for layering in the flannel you won’t feel any humidity while wearing this one. Cause the flannel is made from a kind of soft woven fabric, typically made of wool or cotton and slightly milled and raised. So it’s really comfy to wear it with the t shirt and really very easy to pair up with the jeans!

A unique backpack:

You think that everything depends upon outfit then you are wrong because you really don’t know anything. Cause only these outfit doesn’t matter sometimes accessories takes place to lead you to look more impressive. Choose your backpack wisely. Cause everyone has the backpack then why others will look at your they do only when you have a different design or anything.

So in the last part we’ve seen how girls should try out fits and in this one we’ve tried to come up how boys should try out the outfits during college hours. We will upload our next part soon till that time stay connected.

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