Jeans for today’s teens!

Jean was always a good option for today’s teenagers. Not because they are too lazy to wash it on a regular basis, but some of them do know how to wear it with a proper outfit.

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Cause nailing jeans never easy for some people. Because they get confused when they see all other outfits when they open their wardrobe. There are t-shirt, hoodie, tops and many other things to wear. So this blog is for everyone. Even for the person who knows how to wear these jeans with another outfit. It could be for anything like for normal outing or else for high schools. 


  • Oversized t-shirt and black ripped jeans


A girl will always look cute and more adorable than usual when she is wearing the oversized outfit. With the skinny bottoms. So find out an oversized t-shirt with a darker shade and pair it up with the black ripped jeans. Don’t have any oversized t shirt don’t worry check out your dad’s wardrobe you’ll find one. And adds on some cool sneakers on it.  And you cute explosive outfit is ready. 


  • Cigarette ham jeans and top


People say black is bae but, Bae looks really hot in Black. Find out a black out-fit[top or full sleeve t-shirt.] from your closet and find out one boyfriend jeans with the cigarette ham jeans. Which helps you to look more stunning. And don’t forget to add on some accessories. If we talk about the watch so nowadays 75% of students aren’t wearing watches so this could be a plus point for you. You should wear watches.   


  • Student body team


You or your friend is student body representative? So I got something for you. If you are a student body representative then I assume that you have your upper wear or a customized hoodie. Well with these outfit you should try out a few designed hem jeans. And also a double toned jeans and many more  jeans style you should try to look cool gang on hallway of your college. 


  • Olive jeans skirt and denim jacket


Olive is now on trend whether you talk about jeans or else about the skirt it looks really like green chilly out-fit and sizzling. You should try out the denim skirt with it and also a crop T-shirt. And try to pair us footwear with same colors. 


  • Layer it up


Well hoodie could be the best option but nowadays it’s just too common,  everyone wears it. So I would suggest that you should add on some layers to the cloths. Like wear t-shirt and put on a flannel on it. And don’t forget the scarf and cuf cap. You’ll look little adorable in entire hallway.       

  Where people are getting confused about how to wear jeans with their regular outfit we’ve try to make it easy for you to choose the great outfit which will look stunning with your jeans. Even on your normal looking regular jeans.

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