| Patrick Peterson |

Most of the time we questioned and compared regular denim jeans and stretchable denim jeans. Everyone has a different opinion regarding both the outfit. Let us understand what actually makes a difference.

The origin of first denim jeans goes back to the 19th century. The denim jeans were invented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1873. Secondly, it is considered American textile chemist Joseph Shivers made the world’s first stretch denim in the 1950s.

Non-stretch or regular jeans are made from a fabric called denim which is one hundred percent cotton whereas the stretchable jeans embed a small amount of elastane, synthetic fiber in the denim fabric which is also called spandex. Just adding 3% spandex can increase the 15 % stretching capacity of denim jeans.

Stretchable jeans are expensive compared to regular jeans. The reason is due to the manufacturing period and resources used. In short, the final product to get a handy of stretchable jeans takes more time, hence the cost of the jeans is high.

History is evidence! The denim jeans were made for laborers and people who did hard work physically. The denim jeans were made very hard which was actually rough and tough. Simultaneously, the stretchable jeans are like a progression in fashion, no doubt it is durable too, but not as regular denim jeans. In short, the regular denim is highly resistant to damage, the elastin material in stretch denim is not. You have to really take care of stretchable jeans and follow the instructions during purchase like dry cleaning, washing tips, etc.

Any type of denim whether it is regular or stretchable, Jeans are made and designed for unisexual. To be honest, jeans never discriminated against a particular gender, age. Jeans actually promote equality and uniformity!

Here, we got a basic overview and disparity between regular denim and stretchable denim, it’s up to our choice and what we should buy. In the end, comfort is the utmost priority.
Secondly, if you are really confused about which jeans to buy we Tailored Jeans will definitely assist you. We make customized jeans with stretchable and non stretchable fabric for men and women. Here you can customize according to your preference or else we can advise you. Just send your queries via email and we will get back to you shortly. I hope you will not be concerned or troubled more when you really shop your denim jeans!

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