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1985 Los Angeles, California. Two guys named  Jacques Yaakov Revah and Haim Milo Revah came up with a mind-blowing concept in the denim industry. The “JNCO” jeans. JNCO stands for the “Judge none choose one”. These jeans were one of the unique concepts in the history of jeans evolution. The brand got proper recognition in the industry by 19090. The JNCO got famed because of its ultra-wide straight-legged jeans with the elaborate pocket logos with the stunning street look. and it was kind of customized pair of the denim. Which had a unique leg opening.


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In these jeans, there is a wider leg opening with 50 inches. For some teens, it was too large. That they had to sit down while putting them on. Because of their unique look, they reached the height of the popularity in the vogue world, the JNCO was known for their superfluously large back pocket. And these pockets were inspired by the And it tailored very in very unique way.

 And they had a special category called Mammoths, Crime Scenes, FlameHead (specially for the teens and kids.), Mad Scientists, Buddha, Tribals and Rhinos, Twin Cannons, and Kangaroos, which had 34-inch (860 mm) leg openings and extremely large back pockets, featured embroidery of a kangaroo with boxing gloves above the right rear pocket.

The current status of the company is quite low. After the peak sell of $186.9 million, in 2000s JNCO’s main factory got closed. On February 15, 2018, JNCO announced the shutdown and closing of their company through their website, bringing an end to production & the liquidation of all inventory. An explanation was posted on the company’s blog March 1, 2018, stating that, “The current license for JNCO is being terminated but JNCO is not going out of business and sales will continue under new management.” On June 20th, 2019, JNCO’s Instagram page posted, reading that an official relaunch of the brand will occur June 28th.

Comebacks are always greater than setbacks. And that instagram post bought happiness for our skateboard riders. Cause our 90’s skaters loved the most. And it was one of the most unique and stunning jeans in the denim industries. So, let see how JNCO will make their comeback. Till that time stay connected with tailored jeans.


Disclaimer: We do not own or represent JNCO brand, neither we infringe any copyright or patent. We specialise in Tailoring of Jeans and we can make similar Built measurement of Wide leg Jeans for Men Women for individuals as per their body measurements.

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