One from japan: the history of precious denim.

| Verna Bradford |

Denim fabric from Japan is recognized as the best in the world and for the legitimate reason by denim aficionados. While Japanese denim has little to do with history, it is appreciated for its premium building and the skilled craftsmanship needed to manufacture it. Here we will be studying Japanese denim’s moderately short but important past, be exploring how they gain their éclat today and debasing some myths. Find out the entire story below.

In order to know why Japanese denim is much better than other sorts of denim, we first have to understand how denim is produced and what makes such denim more queried after than others. Denim is a silk twill cotton in which the weft moves under 2 or more chains (longitudinal strings). Indigo denim, people like denim, just remember of warp or longitudinal thread when dreaming of jeans. You will note the weft or oblique filets maintain their color white as inside of a pair of jeans if you closely look at a couple of jeans. Currently, most jeans are synthetic, lighter in tone and have fewer contaminations than natural color. And premium denim uses natural dye. 

The material of which denim is presented is the other major feature of denim generation. Forest ‘self-edge’ point, refers to the natural end of a textile roll, which inhibits the material from being unraveled when made into a pair of jeans. The cost of cover denim production is more costly because it can only be woven to 31′′ width, about half the width of non-silvery denim and is woven on old looms that require more experience and skill. It leads to a thinner, thicker fabric with several imperfections. Selvage denim typically is dyed with a red stripe mark, although not so rare are purple, white, brown and yellow. 

The mixture of these features gives us the pair a unique composition which is only more distinctive over time. True denim aficionados are known to go months or even years before the first wash their jeans, as the first wash creates the unique fades and plumes that are unique to the wearer. 

Hidehiko Yamane, the founder of Evisu, is one of the first in the premium denim scene, and along with some of the first premium dénimes in the world, they were able to disseminate the common misconception of Japanese denim manufacturers buying the kind of looms Levi’s made since they had one themselves. Yamane was able to create 14 pairs of forest jeans on old looms every day with hand-painting symbols that have been iconic since. By using the methods of his predecessors. The brand took off and won him a cult following in the streetwear scene, originally done as a tribute to Levi’s 1944 501xx classic. The company got off and a cult for him after the streetwear scene. Evisu rapidly became the best in denim and soon managed to sell each pair for even more than $100 — the first denim company to do so. 

Other brands continued to play with selvage denim while the global luxury denim market blew up in search of the perfect pair. Japan Blue Group, which was of course founded in Kojima, was well known for its premium denim in Japan and soon started selling it to the largest luxury brands of the world, such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Soon each fashion house in the world was equipped with a line of Japanese jeans. Japan Blue created the “Momotaro Denim” label not to hide its own love and respect for denim.

And this is how the brand gained the name in the japan denim industry.  


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