Reasons to avoid skinny jeans.

You’re slipping on some shorts. Lying down, lying down… WIGGLING (like a weird ceremonial dance) your way towards them. Does it sound painful or enjoyable? It’s what you get when you wear skinny jeans. They’re called “skinny” for a reason. The fabric is narrow— almost like pantyhose! We are awkward with the butt.

And that’s unattractive. To me –people should never wear skinny jeans (unless they themselves are skinny people) There are other denim options that are much better suited to your type of body. But–that’s my viewpoint (take it with a grain of salt). Keep reading to find out why I’m against the skinny trend in men’s jeans=

Being too skinny isn’t comfy: 

I’m going to go to that stage directly. Don’t trade comfort for stylishness. You may be willing to make certain sacrifices for your style–but it’s not worth allowing your reduced body to “suffocate” in very small garments. But some people feel like it’s okay, unfortunately. Here’s some alarming information from a study wearing skinny jeans of 2,000 British males. How hot can these pants be? Okay, from the definition of skinny jeans, you can probably imagine jeans from the waist to the knees being EXTREMELY narrow. Their design involves the area of 

the waist–making the legs look shorter than they are.


Not good for one’s health: 

What if you can cope with the pain? Or is there no pain at all? Or perhaps you’re, of course, just a slender man? Does this mean you have the thumbs to put on skinny jeans at all times? It’s not necessarily… Comfort and pain is only a small part of the problem. Going back to the analysis of the British men, it was also revealed: Yes–Skinny jeans are not only pressing down against the “small ones” there. This was checked by the Swedish-based company Dr. Hilary Jones, TENA, which specializes in urinary / fecal incontinence products for teenagers.


Skinny jeans don’t display a good silhouette:

It may not be so evident, but skinny pants do not create the kind of style that is most appealing to men’s fashion. You want your pants to be shown in a V-shaped silhouette. Yet skinny jeans prefer to pinch the legs directly from the knees, which “mutes” in a Y-shape instead of the shadow. Why is it NOT attractive? Note how people’s eyes unexpectedly settle on the dense “twigs” that cover the feet, calves, and knees. That’s why–you look at the top-heavy eventually. And even though you’re of course slim, skinny jeans can still highlight your bulk shortage (making you look “ungraciously tall and thin”). Tell the ladies if you want a second opinion.


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