The most adorable jeans.

| Verna Bradford |

Never has an item of clothing undergone as much reinvention as the denim, and never has any form of jeans ever had a greater comeback than the skinny jeans. Massive over the decades, with the exception of the 90s, they seemed to be a thing of the past kitsch that nobody ever wanted to remember.

Thank God, we’ve both come to our senses. When we liked our ankle slim jeans, the most famous style for skinny jeans starts with ballet boots. I think it’s safe to say that the skinnies are bound to make a return and rule the world.

Speed forward from the ’50s to the ’90s, and you’re going to land in the sans-skinnies decade. It’s a nice range. But the skinny jeans are great, so the baggy jeans have slowly become flared jeans that have become the phenomenon for boot cutting that has become the most common jeans in today’s style: the Skinny jeans.

Why do you match everyone in skinny jeans? While they may be drawn on your thighs or butt, they do more good than they do to your body type and leave all our bits and pieces looking toned, slim and super fit. Based on what you want, the bums are higher, wider, broader or smaller, the thighs look firmer and longer, the body becomes slimmer and taller (if you choose high waist jeans). Skinny Jeans are a powerful tool in a matter of seconds to get a good body.

While I’ve always gasped a little at the sight of the denim trends of the’ 90s and early 2000s, (just because they all showed us mom’s butt and they were just pants, you know, not fashion-forward bottoms. You had to settle for what was out there or what your mother got for you, which didn’t make much of a difference on its own since there wasn’t much to jog around with the smart jeans style)… Just like we do. But who cares, because the fact is that skinny jeans aren’t just slender people, on the opposite, I believe they’re a gift to every kind of body, it’s all about finding the right shape and fashion. Only take a look at the roads at any time of day or night. You’re going to be shocked to see how it looks.


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