Tough history of Raw denim [Part-1]

The 19th century the word derived, from the city in Italy GEONA which means jean. The Geona derived from the french word. Denim traditionally colored blue with indigo dye. The blue indigo creates blue jeans. Jean earlier was denoted different, light cotton fabrics. In the United States, people started using denim from the mid 19th century.

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But it has gained its popularity in 1873. And it’s because of JCOB.V.DAVIS, Jacob manufactured the first pair of rivet reinforced jeans. Because at that time the clothes for the labours, teamsters, surveyors weren’t that durable. He invented the pair of jean when a lady customer asked him for the strong and the durable pair of the jean.

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Cause his husband was a woodchopper worker. After that, he almost produced 200 pairs of jeans. For different workers and normal citizens.

So, it was just a history that how jeans gained its popularity. Now let see in the denim industry, what is raw denim. The raw denim means the denim which is not washed after the dyeing process. With the time the dry denim will fade away. And ts quite fashionable in a few circumstances. While wearing denim, the fading occurs only on those parts where it gets more stress. And includes the upper thigh, ankle, and the area behind the knees.

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After wearing it if the wearer washes it then the fabric gets softer. With getting ofter it also eliminates the shrinkage. And eliminating shrinkages are known as the sanforizing. In addition to sanforizing, sometimes it’s artificially distressed. And that distressed part gives the worn look to the denim jeans. The jeans which are artificially distressed it reassembles dry denim which got the fade. Sometimes it gets affected by the wearer’s body and get the natural fading on it.
And when it comes naturally it creates natural and the beautiful distressed denim. The natural distressed pattern comes with the time. And it takes 6 months.Image result for raw denim jeans fades

Dry denim also differs from the weight. And this weight measured with the weight of a yard of the denim in an ounce. 12oz to 16oz known as the mid-weight and over 16oz it’s known as the heavy-weight. Heavier denim is much more rigid and resistant to wear. And also it takes many wears for comfortable wearing.

And the design that comes on denim with the time being.

combs or honeycombs – Meshes of faded line-segments that form behind the knees.
whiskers – faded streaks that form radially from the crotch area.
stacks – irregular bands of fading above the ankle caused by according to the fabric due. to contact with the foot or shoe.
train tracks – fading along the out-seams due to abrasion.


so this was just a 1st part of Raw denim for more info about what is sanforizing, selvedge denim and many more. till that time stay connected.


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