What is customized jeans? by Tailored jeans.

| Verna Bradford |

I’m damn sure once, this year you have heard of the term when I got customised jeans. A customised jeans doesn’t mean that just a painted stars on the jeans or an embroidered jeans. customised jeans means the tailors made jeans on the specifications of the customers.

It could be the height width etc. here in customised jeans they also provide a customised tear, riveting, pockets. Same with tailored jeans is the customised jeans company where our tailors help the customers to get their desired jeans. When you go to the store, you’ll search for the perfect pair of jeans, you’ve got one but on the other side you are getting problem for the color or the wash of the jeans. This kind of problem occurs when you find the perfect pair of jeans.

Where at the tailored jeans while customizing, we take care of every single edge of the denim fabric. Denim is the cotton wrap fixed textile. This twill weaving creates a diagonal ribbing that differentiates it from the duck of cotton. And it provides us the pair of jeans. At tailored jeans our tailors make jeans as per the specification of the customers. From the fly of the edge to the crotch we make sure we provide the best of our design skills to them. 

We start from the taking order where our customer provides us the height and the weight detailing. If they don’t know how to take a measurement, even at that time we have a guide on the website which will help them  to take the measurements. After taking the measurements we will move ahead for the design and the fabric, then the color. 

After the measurement, color and fabric selection. Now you will see that the waist and the fit which kind of fit you want or which kind of rise of the jeans you want. There are 3 types of the rise 

  • Low rise.
  • Mid rise.
  • High rise

You will see the fly where you have to choose your desired fly. It is there in the 2 parts, one is the button fly and the other one is in the zip fly. After that you have to put your rivet. And then 

Now you have to select the belt loops. Select the various designs on it. Then select the front and the back pocket. 

And the last thing you should select the effects that you want on your jeans. It is about the torn and the whiskers on the jeans. Here at tailored jeans you will get the best and the unique jeans. So what are you waiting for order now.

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