Ever Wondered how some people looks cool and stylish by wearing simple denim clothes and you always wonder how's that possible, you are on right page, we will tell you the secret of all the extreme cool ideas and tips and trends guide, and sometime interviews with fashion designers and denim fashion icons from across the industry.

  1. Say bye to baggy knees.

    Say bye to baggy knees.

    Toss out your skinny jeans this summer and save your knees today, in style spy we will see that how to save your knees from hurting from skinny jeans just cast out your skinny denim and learn how to stay in style in this sweaty summer. We found that a lot of people having a problem while wearing skinny jeans in summer but still they wear it to stay in style but, we found some good stuff which can kick out your baggy problems.  Continue reading →
  2. Flaunt your features in your perfect looking denim

    Flaunt your features in your perfect looking denim

    Certain things never get old, never do they die. One such thing are your denim outfits in your closet. Wondering which denim to wear with what tops has always been an unconquered battle. But here we are, with the tips and tricks to get you the perfect look for all your days in your most desired denims. Continue reading →
  3. Men’s Denim Jeans for every occasion.

    Men’s Denim Jeans for every occasion.

    In clothing, we can consider denim as the best friend of the men. Cause wanna go out he will search for his stretch or comfort denim! Going on a date night that time he will look for a slim fit. So, this is how jeans are helping men to look dashing on every occasion. Continue reading →


    You have came across this page means, you have searched for custom made jeans, and want to buy one or looking for services who make customised jeans for you. In that case you have reached to right place, We are tailored jeans and have wide experience in made to order & custom made jeans, so what are custom made about in the jeans we make? Continue reading →
  5. How To Wear Jeans Like Amanda Brooks

    How To Wear Jeans Like Amanda Brooks

    “Living on a farm, I basically wear jeans every day,” says author, fashion pro, and Instagrammer extraordinaire Amanda Brooks. But the title of her latest book, a how-to for finding and expressing individual style, is Always Pack a Party Dress (Blue Rider Press), you say. Well, we can’t expect a woman like Amanda, whose been a contributor to Vogue and the creative director of Barneys, to live on denim alone! Even if she does call Fairgreen Farm, an idyllic country estate about an hour outside of London, home. Continue reading →
  6. Hillary Kerr Has it Great

    Hillary Kerr Has it Great

    Leave it to Hillary Kerr, co-founder of the Who What Wear, Byrdie, and My Domaine dot coms, to be one of the first to get her hands on a pair of jeans from The Great, the clothing line by denim veterans Emily Current and Meritt Elliott. New for fall, The Great jeans are everything you know denim by Current and Elliott to be Continue reading →
  7. Denim- Most Popular Clothing Globally

    Denim- Most Popular Clothing Globally

    Do you know what people think about Denims Globally? What do they usually prefer to wear? What is their taste? Which Brands do they prefer to wear? All the answers to your questions will be answered in this Post. Stay Tuned. Continue reading →
  8. How To Measure Your Best Pair Of Jeans

    How To Measure Your Best Pair Of Jeans

    How can you measure your own Jeans for ordering a pair of custom Jeans Measuring your custom jeans is difficult task, and when you want to get your jeans tailored with your best fitted jeans you love, and have it made to measure just right, you need to read further on how to take measurement of your best pair of jeans. Continue reading →


    WEIGHT DOES MATTER Denim Weight – What does this term actually mean and why is it so important – You may have noticed that some brands list different weights for different denim styles. You would notice on our website we have referred to the weight for all our fabrics. Continue reading →

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