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  1. Tough history of Raw denim [Part-1]

    Tough history of Raw denim [Part-1]

    The 19th century the word derived, from the city in Italy GEONA which means jean. The Geona derived from the french word. Denim traditionally colored blue with indigo dye. The blue indigo creates blue jeans. Jean earlier was denoted different, light cotton fabrics. In the United States, people started using denim from the mid 19th century. Continue reading →
  2. How to wear Jacket to look perfect with customised approach.

    How to wear Jacket to look perfect with customised approach.

    Do you know how to pull off a laid-back yet charming style? Then, you should hack up some denim jackets into your wardrobe. Denim jackets are seriously fashion and savers as it features comfort and style, and these denim jackets are all in one. You can easily pair’ me with anything under the sun, from your crop top to your athletic sportswear. Continue reading →
  3. Judge none choose one. Get you custom made Mammoth Wide Leg Jeans tailored

    Judge none choose one. Get you custom made Mammoth Wide Leg Jeans tailored

    1985 Los Angeles, California. Two guys named  Jacques Yaakov Revah and Haim Milo Revah came up with a mind-blowing concept in the denim industry. The “JNCO” jeans. JNCO stands for the “Judge none choose one”. These jeans were one of the unique concepts in the history of jeans evolution. The brand got proper recognition in the industry by 19090. The JNCO got famed because of its ultra-wide straight-legged jeans with the elaborate pocket logos with the stunning street look. and it was kind of customized pair of the denim. Which had a unique leg opening. Continue reading →
  4. Reasons why you should tailor your jeans.

    Reasons why you should tailor your jeans.

    Sometimes people get hesitate while taking their trousers to the tailor for alterations and the other adjustments. Then how we do expect that our jeans will fit us perfectly. So this is not the reason number 1 but yeah you can count it in extra. Cause that's the basic reason to get your jeans customized that you will get a perfect fit. From different rise to the crotch. You give your specification and they make it as per designs. So let's see the real reason. And how to get your jeans tailored? And also the things to consider while the tailor will handcraft your jeans. Continue reading →
  5. Apple bottom jeans - A look into Historical transformation by Tailored Jeans

    Apple bottom jeans - A look into Historical transformation by Tailored Jeans

    Apple bottom jeans, ever wonder this catchy line of the song you heard back in 2003 how can be still popular. Some say it's jeans some say it's only a rap song many of them say that it looks great with the furry boots. But the actual truth behind this is, the APPLE BOTTOM is actually a brand. Continue reading →
  6. Effortlessly ripped!

    Effortlessly ripped!

    Effortlessly the trend of ripped jeans getting at high places day by day. If we talk about the ripped jean’s trend then it's getting into the spotlight in the world of clothing. Somewhere touching the design we apparently just got drained of having to look all prepped up, finishing and uber-feminine, at all times and values, as if attempting for perfection, which doesn’t even exist. And if it did, it’s really dull. So we came up with this gimmick. why don’t we get a little bit from those rock-n-roll cycles, a bit of today’s glam, a bit of here, a bit from there and see what occur!!! (Tailored-Jeans.com provides Ripped jeans service on tailored jeans for women, custom jeans for men check final section in design for ripped jeans and whiskers option) Continue reading →
  7. Classifying sort of Stretch Denim

    Classifying sort of Stretch Denim

    There are varieties of Denim accessible in market and stretch denim is one of the options Stretch jeans are so absolutely attacking the denim showcase. They began to end up mainstream a couple of years back and aren't going anywhere, regardless of what "specialists" are attempting to let you know. I figured it is intriguing to plunge into this subject and discover increasingly pretty much all the various types of stretch denim we can discover today. Stretch Denim is presumably the most well-known sort of pants at the present time. Be that as it may, do you realize when stretch pants originally went ahead of the market, or who are making them now? Will Stretch jeans look great on you? What amount of stretch should pants have in any case? Let’s focus on a different kind of Stretch Denim. Continue reading →
  8. What is raw denim?

    What is raw denim?

    Raw denim means the denim which is as dry or unwashed and this kind of denim didn't meet or been through any washing. It comes straight off from the loom and is cut and sewn into custom jeans and you bought it. It is hardened with a deep blue color and has a typical sheen. Continue reading →
  9. Denim and office.

    Denim and office.

    If we talk about 100% so from that 75% citizen of Chicago wears denim for every special occasion. Because of this, denim jeans have become a special segment of their wardrobe. But when it comes to the corporate sector so still there are few companies that does not allow wearing casuals during office hours. But some lucky individuals have the benefit of wearing the casuals during their working hours. So in today's blog, we will see how to not dress like every other guy in the meeting room. Continue reading →
  10. How to Style Girlfriend Jeans.

    How to Style Girlfriend Jeans.

    Denim is the most prominent attire today. The reason for its popularity is that it suits every occasion and can blend with any of your wear. In every Women’s wardrobe, there’s always one accessory that we can simply resist: a classic pair of jeans. Whether you are going to a party or a casual day, Jeans suits every moment. We all have heard about skinny, ripped and Boyfriend jeans – but what about girlfriend jeans? Girlfriend jeans are just as spacious as the boyfriend jeans you have, but they offer a much voguish design. Girlfriend jeans are higher waisted, with a slim leg to maintain their shape. So the most important concern is how you should wear them. So, don’t take stress as we have certain styling ideas for Girlfriend jeans which will give your dressing a chic look. Continue reading →

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